Thursday, April 30, 2009

Contact me...

I spend a fair amount of time each day responding to office emails (including blackberry), personal emails, phone calls and phone text messages. So many of my personal and professional contacts joined Facebook that I also felt obliged to join, so I can be (reluctantly) contacted there too. And now I have a blog page. 

I've been reading other blogs which often carry a comment like, 'Also connect with me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn'. I have to wonder where people find the time to monitor all these channels of communication. As well as answering emails etc. I have to do my work, spend time with my family and squeeze some exercise (and the occasional beer) into my schedule. Personally, I wouldn't have the time to surf so many websites unless they were part of my job description. And if PR practice increasingly moves online and seeks to engage directly with publics in a many-to-many framework, how much interaction (and time) would be involved? If you want to connect with me, ask for my email address and phone number please!


  1. I'm commenting on your blog, not phoning you, so sorry, no connection! Well,I don't have time. Like you, I am so worn out by keeping in touch in all the other ways open to the modern PR practitioner, that actually talking is something I do less and less of!!
    I'm only partly joking... :)
    Seriously, I do have some concerns that all the Facebooking, You Tubing and Twittering might mean we are able to reach many more people but are the aims of the campaign actually being met. Without evaluation of these activities (which are often best got by face-to-face interview with receivers), I'm not sure we can accurately claim successes.
    I've posted a similar note on my own blog around the concept of on-line canvassing which is going to be huge in the next election in the UK.

  2. I am also using most of my time to read my office email, personal emails and talk to people on the phone. Facebook is a good channel to find old classmates, ex-colleagues and makes new friends. If I have time, I will upload some recent photos so that people who knew me can see how am I doing now. Otherwise, I need more time to discover more useful and interesting functions which working on me.