Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Paradox of Social Media

Several years ago I wrote a paper on how new technology influenced relationships. One of the findings was that isolation and anonymity in a virtual world are actively encouraged by new technology. Sure, connectivity and interaction have improved without boundaries, but what about traditional forms of social behaviour? Even my older son has to be shepherded outside to play in the fresh air; if not he would play his DS Nintendo until his eyes crossed.

Social Media is the name tech gurus have given to online websites such as Facebook. In some respects I accept they are social (they allow people to gather, share, communicate and discover, for example). Definitions aside though, a person sitting alone in a chair in front of a screen is still isolated, in my opinion. I therefore stand by my previous conclusion: that new technology should not deny people real, physical contact (this may be relevant for PR/client relationships too). I'm going back to the pub for some good, old-fashioned socialising! Anyone else coming...?

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