Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Best (PR) Job in the World?

If you need a textbook example of how PR should leverage new technology, look no further. Put the theory books and guru diagrams down for a moment and look at a real-world example from the clever, creative lot down-under.

The Queensland Tourism Board just generated A$110m of worldwide publicity at a cost of A$1.7m, and new technology played a significant part in its success. And in the most traditional definition, that’s exactly what PR is all about! Good on yer, mate!

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  1. Agree. This is a stunningly successful campaign, certainly in terms of media coverage of the campaign itself. I wonder what the original objectives were? Will the job promotion succeed in driving tourism business to Queensland? And how reliable is that A$110 million publicity figure?

    Social media was clearly a big part of the campaign but for me the interesting dimension is the interplay between old and new PR tactics. Social media helped to establish the campaign on a global scale. But the original creative idea was simply a classic news stunt. Social media accelerated interest yet mainstream broadcast and print media have pushed the campaign onto a different level. It is interesting to note that Queensland are using a London-based PR agency - Hills Balfour Synergy - for UK promotions. And as a subscriber to news releases from PR agencies I have been bombarded with releases from the Queensland campaign. Very old media.

    The BBC has a good round-up story on the campaign Margot Raggett, chief executive of Lexis PR, praises the campaign and singles out the quality of the campaign's spokespeople and pictures. I think this is a great example of social media playing several strong roles (trigger, atraction of campaign followers, street cred etc) within a highly integrated campaign mix.