Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Something to Look Forward To

Every blog should include at least one post where the imagination runs wild and free. So, here’s one of mine. Extrapolating recent trends, I foresee a greatly improved world in the future because of the Internet. Increasingly, it is affording minorities a voice, emancipating the oppressed and equalizing the disadvantaged. It is shaming the errant and exposing the corrupt. For decades big business and politics have served their own self-interest with the support of powerful media agenda, but the Internet is cutting down this veil. It is giving power back to the people and becoming a tool of true democracy. It is forcing transparency, accountability and responsibility onto those that rule and operate the planet. It is becoming an effective deterrent to immoral, unethical and anti-social behavior, thereby forcing us to be better people. And that, ladies and gentlemen, can only be good for the world.

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