Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shoot and Share

I've read in various places the ideas that 'anyone with a handheld device and an internet connection can produce and distribute content' or 'PR and journalist roles are changing' or 'anyone with a grudge can create a crisis for your firm online'. We've been warned about tech-savvy individuals with a creative mind potentially doing serious damage to opinion and reputation. PRBlogger posts a great example of these concerns, titled Those bitter Aussies. Take a look!


  1. Scary stuff... Considering that much PR work is about reputation management, a lot of good work can be for nothing if someone starts an on-line vendetta.
    Protecting URLs to stop rogue sites appearing in your name used to be a good fail-safe method of protecting your on-line presence. That's no longer the case... Crisis management and a dedication to environmental scanning and keeping an accurate radar for what's being said or twittered about your organisation (and considering the response) are now part of the role.

  2. Bitterness is catching in ad-land: