Friday, May 15, 2009

J'aime La Blackpool?

Another great example of social media being used for promotional campaigns. In fact, I think social media is ideally suited for tourist promotion. I don't know if the French will fall for it, but I like it! Hotpot anyone?


  1. Clever stuff. I suspect every tourism body in the world will be rushing to buy into this. Perhaps we should pitch the idea of a TV show in which the worst are compiled for a big laugh?

    Fascinating to speculate on the objectives set by Blackpool. Who is their target audience - French people or those closer to home who hold a very fixed view of the seaside town? And how would they judge the campaign to be a success? The YouTube site has had over 23,000 views, which seems pretty good. And the comments are balanced, with a lot of supportive noise.

    Local papers have picked up on the promotion and given it a largely positive push. The Daily Mail was also latched on. The comments on their story were less favourable http//

  2. Very clever. And the YouTube hits are brilliant.
    A TV show? Haven't we already got them? :-)
    In The Apprentice last week they had the task of selling Margate, relaunching it. Some good idea's, but a bit bland.
    Thanks for links, I enjoyed them